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const ServiceName = "sommelier"

ServiceName is the name of the service as defined in the design. This is the same value that is set in the endpoint request contexts under the ServiceKey key.


var MethodNames = [1]string{"pick"}

MethodNames lists the service method names as defined in the design. These are the same values that are set in the endpoint request contexts under the MethodKey key.

func NewPickEndpoint

func NewPickEndpoint(s Service) goa.Endpoint

NewPickEndpoint returns an endpoint function that calls the method “pick” of service “sommelier”.

func NewViewedStoredBottleCollection

func NewViewedStoredBottleCollection(res StoredBottleCollection, view string) sommelierviews.StoredBottleCollection

NewViewedStoredBottleCollection initializes viewed result type StoredBottleCollection from result type StoredBottleCollection using the given view.

type Client

type Client struct {
    PickEndpoint goa.Endpoint

Client is the “sommelier” service client.

func NewClient

func NewClient(pick goa.Endpoint) *Client

NewClient initializes a “sommelier” service client given the endpoints.

func (*Client) Pick

func (c *Client) Pick(ctx context.Context, p *Criteria) (res StoredBottleCollection, err error)

Pick calls the “pick” endpoint of the “sommelier” service. Pick may return the following errors:

- "no_criteria" (type NoCriteria)
- "no_match" (type NoMatch)
- error: internal error

type Component

type Component struct {
    // Grape varietal
    Varietal string
    // Percentage of varietal in wine
    Percentage *uint32

type Criteria

type Criteria struct {
    // Name of bottle to pick
    Name *string
    // Varietals in preference order
    Varietal []string
    // Winery of bottle to pick
    Winery *string

Criteria is the payload type of the sommelier service pick method.

type Endpoints

type Endpoints struct {
    Pick goa.Endpoint

Endpoints wraps the “sommelier” service endpoints.

func NewEndpoints

func NewEndpoints(s Service) *Endpoints

NewEndpoints wraps the methods of the “sommelier” service with endpoints.

func (*Endpoints) Use

func (e *Endpoints) Use(m func(goa.Endpoint) goa.Endpoint)

Use applies the given middleware to all the “sommelier” service endpoints.

type NoCriteria

type NoCriteria string

Missing criteria

func (NoCriteria) Error

func (e NoCriteria) Error() string

Error returns an error description.

func (NoCriteria) ErrorName

func (e NoCriteria) ErrorName() string

ErrorName returns “no_criteria”.

type NoMatch

type NoMatch string

No bottle matched given criteria

func (NoMatch) Error

func (e NoMatch) Error() string

Error returns an error description.

func (NoMatch) ErrorName

func (e NoMatch) ErrorName() string

ErrorName returns “no_match”.

type Service

type Service interface {
    // Pick implements pick.
    Pick(context.Context, *Criteria) (res StoredBottleCollection, err error)

The sommelier service retrieves bottles given a set of criteria.

type StoredBottle

type StoredBottle struct {
    // ID is the unique id of the bottle.
    ID string
    // Name of bottle
    Name string
    // Winery that produces wine
    Winery *Winery
    // Vintage of bottle
    Vintage uint32
    // Composition is the list of grape varietals and associated percentage.
    Composition []*Component
    // Description of bottle
    Description *string
    // Rating of bottle from 1 (worst) to 5 (best)
    Rating *uint32

A StoredBottle describes a bottle retrieved by the storage service.

type StoredBottleCollection

type StoredBottleCollection []*StoredBottle

StoredBottleCollection is the result type of the sommelier service pick method.

func NewStoredBottleCollection

func NewStoredBottleCollection(vres sommelierviews.StoredBottleCollection) StoredBottleCollection

NewStoredBottleCollection initializes result type StoredBottleCollection from viewed result type StoredBottleCollection.

type Winery

type Winery struct {
    // Name of winery
    Name string
    // Region of winery
    Region string
    // Country of winery
    Country string
    // Winery website URL
    URL *string

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