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func Mount

func Mount(mux goahttp.Muxer)

Mount configures the mux to serve the swagger endpoints.

func MountGenHTTPOpenapiJSON

func MountGenHTTPOpenapiJSON(mux goahttp.Muxer, h http.Handler)

MountGenHTTPOpenapiJSON configures the mux to serve GET request made to “/swagger/swagger.json”.

type ErrorNamer

type ErrorNamer interface {
    ErrorName() string

ErrorNamer is an interface implemented by generated error structs that exposes the name of the error as defined in the design.

type MountPoint

type MountPoint struct {
    // Method is the name of the service method served by the mounted HTTP handler.
    Method string
    // Verb is the HTTP method used to match requests to the mounted handler.
    Verb string
    // Pattern is the HTTP request path pattern used to match requests to the
    // mounted handler.
    Pattern string

MountPoint holds information about the mounted endpoints.

type Server

type Server struct {
    Mounts []*MountPoint

Server lists the swagger service endpoint HTTP handlers.

func New

func New(
    e *swagger.Endpoints,
    mux goahttp.Muxer,
    dec func(*http.Request) goahttp.Decoder,
    enc func(context.Context, http.ResponseWriter) goahttp.Encoder,
    eh func(context.Context, http.ResponseWriter, error),
) *Server

New instantiates HTTP handlers for all the swagger service endpoints.

func (*Server) Service

func (s *Server) Service() string

Service returns the name of the service served.

func (*Server) Use

func (s *Server) Use(m func(http.Handler) http.Handler)

Use wraps the server handlers with the given middleware.

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