goa v1.4.1

Announcing goa v1.4.1

goa v1.4.1 is out! This release contains a few bug fixes and mainly updates the uuid package dependency to a maintained repository.

New Features

UUID Package Update

v1.4.1 updates the import of the UUID package to github.com/gofrs/uuid instead of the original github.com/satori/go.uuid which isn’t maintained anymore.

Support for default GOPATH and Go modules

Taichi Sasaki added the ability for goagen to use the default GOPATH if none is set explicitely (as defined in Go 1.8). Taichi also added support for Go modules to goagen!

  • Support default GOPATH introduced in Go 1.8 #1930 - Taichi Sasaki
  • Support Go 1.11 modules in goagen #1933 - Taichi Sasaki

Bug Fixes

As noted in the introduction this release comes with bug fixes as well:

  • Inherit query string parameters defined in API #1818 - Raphael Simon
  • Fix infinite recursion in file attribute detection #1836 - Raphael Simon
  • Fix multiple issues with multipart-form payloads #1863 - Ayabe Hidetoshi
  • Fix import path to golint - Raphael Simon
  • Update path to axios JavaScript library to axios/axios #1887 - Yoshiki Nakagawa
  • Fix YAML output for Swagger specifications #1932 - Shingo Kawamura

goa v2

goa v2 is nearing completion with gRPC support and a go-kit plugin for generating go-kit compatible microservices. Take a look if you haven’t yet!